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Writing SEO Articles For The Human Mind? Keep These 5 Tips In Mind

Writing SEO Articles For The Human Mind? Keep These 5 Tips In Mind

The objective of writing a SEO article is to make it easier for Google to throw up your article in the top search results.

Writing SEO articles can be extremely tiring if you are trying to feed the Google bots,

and at the same time making it a pleasurable reading experience for humans.

It is important to maintain a delicate balance between the two so that Google can easily recognize what your article is about

and people can understand your article. The idea is to make a fine blend of writing for the net and for people alike.

Here are the top five tips on writing for humans and at the same time satisfying the criteria of making it available online:

1) Make Your Titles Count:

Judging a book by its cover is one of the most common things people do online.

By book, I mean your article and by cover, I mean the title.

People tend to click on your link based on its title,

so make sure your titles are appealing and seemingly relevant.

Catchy titles draw people in, and infusing key words in the titles will make sure your page comes up early during searches.

2) Subheadings:

A single block of text running through the screen is something that might turn off your reader.

Hence, it is advisable to divide your article into smaller chunks,

with suitable sub-headings, which makes it easier to browse through.

The subheading also helps your readers choose from your article, and makes it easy for them to analyze your text.

Don’t end up writing paragraphs and in turn losing your reader’s interest in the content.

3) Keywords! Keywords!:

Google loves keywords; it shows your article on its searches on the basis of your keyword.

So, writing a SEO article without any consideration for the keywords defeats the purpose.

It is common practise to use keywords in the first and the last paragraphs of your article.

The placement of your keywords must not seem forced; they must effortlessly blend into your article.

Make sure to use variants of the keywords. It is common tendency to search based on the first synonym that comes to mind.

However, refrain from overusing it or Google will block you for good.

4) Tickle that Funny Bone:

Humour is not very important when writing about serious issues, or detailed instructions on how to, but it works pretty well when it is present. You need to keep in mind that your article will be ultimately read by humans, and they love to have their funny bone tickled every once in a while.

5) Stick to the Point:

Make sure you do not veer off on a tangent, no matter how interesting/funny it might seem. People who search for content online are usually pressed for time or other factors, and they appreciate quick results without having to sift through unwanted material.

Writing SEO articles for humans seems very tough indeed. These few tips are intended to ease the lives for the content writers who make a living out of other people’s literary pleasures...

Ryan Holiding

Ryan Holiding is an avid blogger and author of this post. Apart from his job at The Assisted Reputation SEO Company, he likes to write about the various marketing strategies.

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SEO content writing is all about creating something that real people can use -while still following a few solid guidelines for getting the attention of search engines like Google...

The key to a successful online marketing strategy is to create content that people want to read.

Marketing Ideas,

Inspiration & Insights


The SEO Content Writing Formula

When you create content, use these tips to convert more customers,

While optimizing search engine results-

Identify Your Potential Customers.

Think about your current and potential customers and identify what you can do for them to make their daily lives easier and their jobs better,

Understand Your Audience. When you know exactly who you are speaking to and exactly what they’re looking for,

you can choose: The Right Topics and the right language to hold their interest and them to take the next step-

Use Keywords Effectively. Give the search engines the right signals by using good keywords in your titles,

subtitles, and meta descriptions and by letting the rest of your text naturally incorporate long-tail keywords and phrases.

Write a Great Headline. It doesn’t matter how impeccable your content is; if the headline doesn’t grab the reader’s attention,

The content - According to Moz, the most clickable headlines include a number

(i.e. 5 Best Ways,

7 New Things),

one or two nice superlatives

(best, most, worst),

and describe exactly

what to expect

so there is no clicker’s remorse...

Use Good Formatting.

Web readers like when text is broken up into little chunks,

with only a few sentences per line-

Paragraphs should be broken up with a handful of subheadings and important information should be singled out using bullet points or numbers,

But even the most creative and useful content can be overlooked if customers can’t find it...

When you focus on providing solutions while keeping things like keywords and content structure in mind,

in a quick online search. The best SEO content writing finds a balance your content will be just as popular with the search engines as it is with your readers.

between keeping readers entertained and giving the search engines the keywords and

information necessary to rank your site


Keeping Readers Happy

Always start by creating something that appeals

Use the right industry lingo, to the persona, you are targeting in every way. or leave out the jargon and simplify your words...

In the beginning, focus on engaging your reader with useful and entertaining information relevant to a potential customer,

If they won’t read it and it’s less likely to rank well on search engine results-


Search Engines algorithms use keywords to sort sites by their content,

but cramming too many keywords into one post can have an effect opposite the one intended.

Be cautious of this when writing for SEO.

Using keywords aggressively will not only steer readers away from your blog or landing page,

but it will also cause your site to drop in rankings.

Instead of stuffing your content with keywords, use your direct words a few times and disguise the rest as longer phrases or variations of the same word or words.

You can also build up a rapport with search engines by linking to other credible businesses and having them link back to you, by Courting the Search engine.

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while also incorporating SEO keywords and strategies.

Also, keep in mind that readers aren’t interested in low-quality content stuffed with keywords and tossed up-on a BLOG.

If the copy isn’t Shared-

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